The MAZAK QUICK TURN UNIVERSAL 200MY CNC turning center comes with a rotary tool spindle that performs milling, drilling and tapping operations and make it possible to complete several processes in a single machine cycle. The QTU 200MY’s Y-axis functionality for centerline machining further enables shops--large and small--to improve throughput.

The SHARP SV-2412S model has a 16-station armless tool changer and uses a 10,000 RPM CAT 40 spindle powered by a Fanuc 15 HP motor.

​KVC Engineering, Inc.

The MAZAK QUICK TURN SMART 100 turning center combines accuracy, reliability and productivity to bring unsurpassed value to shops focused on small and medium-sized parts production.

​​CNC Machining Specialists

The ENSHU EV530 Series, manufactured by Enshu®, is a heavy-duty 3-axis CNC vertical machining center utilized in a different variety of operations, designed with a durable "C-Frame" 50-taper machining center that is operated vertically. In addition, it achieves ultra precision with stable thermal compensation, wherein it has a X -39.4" , Y -19.4" , and Z -19.4" travel. 

The FANUC RoboDrill Medium Bed is a high performance, compact machine center based around reliability and speed.  At 1.5G Acc/ Dec and 2,125 IPM rapids, these RoboDrills make quick work out of any milling, drilling or tapping jobs.  Reliability has also been addressed in all areas of the machine design. An example of this is the lightning fast ATC with less than 4 moving parts in its toolchanger.  These features coupled with the latest Fanuc 31i-B5 control, make the RoboDrill the preferred machine in any shop.